As an implantable catheter device, the Bard PowerPort is used for intravenous delivery of medicine and fluids. Also termed BardPort, it is used for medications, like chemotherapy. The port catheter was manufactured by Bard Access Systems Inc., which is a subsidiary of Becton, Dickinson, and Company.

The objective was to help patients receive the required medicines. But it backfired because of its faulty design. Recently, there has been a flurry of product liability lawsuits linked to port defects and complications. It resulted in device migrations and fractures, blood clots, infections, embolisms, and death.

In this article, we will discuss how the Bard PowerPort led to thromboembolism, stroke risks, and other health issues. Additionally, we will also shed light on how patients can seek legal compensation.

How Bard PowerPort Affected a Missouri Woman?

In August 2023, reported on Dalila Harris. She had filed a port catheter lawsuit after suffering from the damages caused by Bard PowerPort. 

In her lawsuit, Harris stated that the Bard PowerPort ClearVue was implanted in her right subclavian vein in December 2017. It was done to seamlessly administer chemotherapy treatments to address her Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

But in September 2018, she experienced several issues related to the chemo port and had to be hospitalized. According to an ultrasound report, the PowerPort Clearvue catheter stopped working. As a result, Harris developed a blood clot or a serious thrombus.

She was also vulnerable to a stroke because of this device failure. To combat this, Harris was given blood thinners for about three years. Finally, the port had to be removed surgically in December 2021.

Harris’s lawsuit accused the device manufacturer of being completely aware of such health hazards but not warning the medical community or patients about them. Instead, they kept on promoting this port catheter at the cost of patient safety. 

The lawsuit further asserts that the device manufacturer did nothing to address the design defects of the port catheter. Rather, they kept on aggressively marketing the product as safe despite innumerable reports of thromboembolism, stroke risks, and other injuries.

Other Health Hazards of Bard PowerPort

As patients receive medication through this port catheter, the design increases the injection flow. It develops pressure against the plastic tube. Here, the barium sulfate tubing can get fractured and lead to bacteria buildup in a small crack. 

Eventually, the pressure makes plastic fragments enter the patient’s bloodstream. It can lead to:

That is not all. A few other side effects include:

  • Confusion
  • Not being able to breathe correctly
  • Fever
  • Drainage at the port site
  • Kidney issues
  • Inflammation
  • Swelling

This aside, patients can also experience pinch-off syndrome because of this device. It is a severe complication that takes place when the port catheter gets compressed between the rib and the clavicle. It can block the flow of fluids or medicine in the catheter and might also crack the device.

TorHoerman Law states that if you have suffered from any of these side effects, it is necessary to seek legal recourse. For this, you must consult a lawyer and share your case. The lawyer will take time to study the details you provide and will determine if you qualify for a lawsuit. 

After that, they will provide you with the guidance to navigate the legal path. Also, they will use vital pieces of evidence to build a strong case to ensure you receive fair compensation.

Are You Eligible For a Lawsuit?

Lawyers are now accepting Bard PowerPort lawsuits. The total number of lawsuits went up from 189 in May 2024 to 232 in June 2024. There were 43 recent cases forwarded to the MDL. Therefore, if you had the port catheter device implanted in your body that led to thromboembolisms, strokes, and any other side effects, you could seek legal aid.

The injuries that qualify you for a lawsuit include:

  • Cardiac punctures
  • Pulmonary embolisms
  • Severe and long-lasting pain
  • Acute infections
  • Hematoma or hemorrhage
  • Pericardial effusion, which means a fluid buildup close to the heart
  • Perforating or tearing of blood vessels, tissues, or organs

For your settlement payout, know that there is no fixed amount. It is case-specific and depends on the extent of your suffering.

In conclusion, it’s unfortunate when a medical device aimed at helping patients recover gives rise to added health hazards. Over the years, the Bard PowerPort has been linked to defective design and device failure that led to life-threatening injuries for patients. If you have faced a similar predicament, you can file a legal complaint to get compensated and raise awareness about it.

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