We might not be aware of the wide range of career opportunities that we have, at different stages of life, we encounter different sets of people. Among those we come across people who have a complete choice of career, today we are going to talk about one such popular person. The blog is going to cover important details related to Mufaddal Vohra. The fans of the cricketer must be aware of him, if not then don’t worry. Just give a thorough read to this blog till the very end, as we uncover his complete details. 

Who is Mufaddal Vohra?

Mufaddal Vohra is one of the avid cricketer fans. He not only loves to watch cricket but also loves to share about the same on social media. He has revealed about his favorite cricketer, Chris Gayle, of whom he also has a DP on his Twitter. It is with the help of Twitter that he spreads all the cricket updates to all his followers and cricket fans. 

Biography of Mufaddal Vohra

NameMufaddal Vohra
Date of Birth19 March (1995-1997)
BirthplaceAhmedabad, India
ProfessionCricket Analyst
Marital StatusUnmarried

Age of Mufaddal Vohra

As sources suggest Mufaddal Vohra was born on 19 March, somewhere between 1995-1997, which makes him fall between 26-28 years. He has gained immense popularity at this young age and has been working effortlessly. 

Physical Appearance 

At this young age, Mufaddal has a very luring personality and physic, with a height of 5 feet 8 inches. He has a healthy body and has black eyes and hair color, that compliments his skin tone. 

Career of Mufaddal Vohra

Mufaddal Vohra is a well-known cricket fan and cricket analyst on X account (formerly Twitter), with over 842,000+ followers. It is on his Twitter account that he shares all updates and comments about cricket matches, players, teams, and more. Recently he also tweeted about Afghanistan’s historic win over Pakistan thereby calling it “a night to remember in Afghanistan Cricket history”. In one of his tweets, he also talks about the Nepal Cricket Board expanding and winning more supporters. Apart from this he also shares his perspectives and feedback about cricket players like Sourav Ganguly and Steven Smith. 

Mufaddal Vohra’s Net Worth

Though there is no proper source telling about the Net Worth of Mufaddal, some sources do suggest that he has a net worth of almost INR 1.5cr. 

Unknown Facts About Mufaddal Vohra

There are several lesser-known facts about Mufaddal, we have stated those here to provide you with a greater overview of the same. 

  • Vohra posts his updates on Twitter on his account at @mufaddal_vohra
  • He praised VVS Laxman’s 281-run innings against Australia, calling it “one of the greatest knocks in test cricket history”. 
  • Vohra also expressed his thoughts on IPL and its famous players. 
  • He has expressed how difficult it is to be a fan of both the Indian Cricket team and the Royal Challenges Banglore. 
  • His comments and updates are well-received by all his fans and followers. 


Here we have talked about all the crucial details and major highlights related to Mufaddal Vohra. The fans of cricket as well as him, must refer to the provided information to get all the details about him.