Actress Jyothi Rai works mostly in the Tulu and Kannada cinema and television industries. Her credits include the television series “Guppedantha Manasu”, the movies Varnapatala and Gandada Gudi, 99, Madipu, and Dia. Discover all there is to know about Jyothi Rai’s Wiki biography, filmography, age, marriage, family, accomplishments, pictures, and more.

Highlight of the Jyothi rai 

Name  Jyothi Rai
Profession  Actress
Age 38 year
Birth Date  July 4th, 1986
Birth Place   India
Material status  married
Husband  Padmanabha
Religion  Hindu
Nationality  Indian
Sibling 2
Eye Color Black
Hair Color  Black
Height 5.6 Feet
Weight  58kg 
Net Worth  INR 2cr

Know About Jyothi Rai

Jyothi Rai, an Indian actress, mostly works in Kannada and Tulu on television and in movies. Her roles in the television series “Guppedantha Manasu” and the films Varnapatala, 99, and Madipu have brought her fame. Beyond her amazing acting abilities, she has a large social media following and a history of taking part in several advertising projects.

Photo Credits: Instagram

Early Life of the Jyothi Rai

Jyothi Rai was born on July 4th, 1986 in Madikeri, and will be 39 years old in 2024. She was an active youngster. She did exceptionally well academically while attending Puttur High School in Karnataka. After completing her studies, Rai went into the film business. Because of her outstanding performance, she subsequently had a lot of film offers.


Jyothi Rai is occasionally mistaken for Devaki from the same-titled Kannada series due to her prominence. This serial, which aired for more than 200 episodes, was significantly responsible for Jyothi’s ascent to popularity. This little actress has been dubbed the Shruthi of the tiny screen by some. She was reared in Coorg and her mother is from Mangalore. After leaving her job at Accenture, she quickly began performing on television on a limited scale. Nonetheless, her greatest source of popularity came from the television series “Jogula,” in which she played the surrogate mother Devaki. Even now, her most well-known performance is still the one that made Kannada TV viewers fall in love. Following that, Jyothi gave an ETV performance at Bandhe Barathava Kaala.

She is also eager to act in Kannada movies, although she is nervous about the glamorous roles. Though they are overrepresented on television, she feels that women are underrepresented in movies. Her husband is a networking engineer named Padmanabha Rai. Jyothi’s husband encourages her to pursue her acting career. Regretfully, She was forced pregnancy termination in 2009 causing her to experience a personal setback in real life.

Jyothi Rai’s Social Media Account:

X (formerly Twitter): She has 600+ followers on her X account.

Instagram: she has 33,000+ followers on her Instagram Account.

Facebook: She has 11,000+ followers on her Facebook account.

Physical Attributes of Jyothi Rai

Jyothi is a tall, slender woman with a pleasing physical appearance. She is considered to be of good height for a model and beauty queen at 180 cm. In accordance to her height, she weighs 55 kg.

Jyothi Rai (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Popular shows of Jyothi

MoviesWeb SeriesTV Serials
Station 3DiaGuppedantha Manasu
Silli LalliGandada Kudi 
Savalige SaiMadipu 
Jo Jo Laali  

Husband of the Jyothi Rai

She is married to a man named Padmanabha. the couple has a single son, whose name is unknown.

Jyothi Rai with his husband Suku Poorvaj (Photo credits: Instagram)

Net Worth

As you know, the most often asked question about Jyothi’s is her net worth. Based on the latest information available, her estimated net worth is in the range of INR 1-2 crores. Her wealth has been a result of her numerous pursuits and prosperous career.


Jyothi Rai, an accomplished Indian actress, is most recognized for her roles in Kannada and Tulu cinema and television. She has been acknowledged for her roles in several films. She still amazes audiences with her skill and dedication to her work, and she has a healthy net worth, a successful job, and a loving spouse.